2nd Edition of International Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics

19 June ,2023

10:30 am - 7:45 pm

Location: Roma RM, Italy
Viale Eroi di Cefalonia, 301, 00128 Roma RM, Italy
301, 00128

Magnus Group gladly welcomes you to attend its 2nd Edition of International Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics” (PROBIOTICS 2023 ), which will be held as Hybrid Event on June 19-20, 2023 at Rome, Italy.

The congress’s central theme is “Deciphering the Scientific Landscape on Probiotics and Prebiotics,” and it will focus on recent advances in probiotic and prebiotic science and research, as well as their current and future implications in maintaining health and avoiding diseases.

Scientists, researchers, academicians, nutritionists, industry key players, microbiologists, health, and regulatory experts, as well as venture capitalists and investors, will attend the world’s largest scientific conference dedicated purely to probiotics and prebiotics. The conference’s goal is to provide a unique setting for learning about current breakthroughs, probable future advancements, and exchanging scientific ideas and experiences in our field. A discussion on various sources of funding for microbiome technologies will be discussed, followed by a panel on prospective probiotics and prebiotics research. Delegates will have the opportunity to explore a variety of topics at expert-led round tables, including Nutrition and Probiotics, Prebiotics and Diet, Probiotics in Aquaculture, Probiotics in women’s health, Probiotics in oral health and dentistry, Marine Probiotics and Prebiotics and many more.

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